discussion / Biologging  / 18 July 2023

Firetail 11 - GPS and sensor analysis

I'm very happy to announce  that Firetail 11 is now available, including an all-new website! (yay!)

Version 11 features a great set of options for researchers, rangers and conservation projects working with 

  • Movebank
  • GPS data 
  • acceleration data
  • data-driven prediction of behavior (FireSOM)
  • a wide range sensor data
  • meta-data
  • overlays

You can find a lot more details here.

Among many other things, make sure to have a look (links to Firetail manual) at our new 

  • QuickFacts (cool stuff like real-time boxplots) and 
  • Reporting (recent track statistics, overviews, ...) 


I will also provide at least one tutorial video in the next weeks, so stay tuned. 

There is a Free Edition available for small projects (with few sensor data) and trials for the full version upon request.


Feel free to grab our newsletter and please help us by providing a few words about your project's challenges!
Include wishful thinking! 

Firetail 12 ff. are in the making :)


Hopefully, I will also find some time to compile a nice tutorial right here quite soon.

Have fun experimenting and exploring!