discussion / Software and Mobile Apps  / 9 November 2017

Finding Souvenir Data

Hi All,

Our team was selected as one of the Zoohackathon finalists and we are currently working on Safe Souvenirs. The aim is to allow tourists/travelers to select a destination and have the mobile app/website populate unsafe (illegal wildlife) souvenirs and safe souvenirs. 

We are looking for data to populate the database. Does anyone have any idea where to get this information (unsafe/safe souvenirs, location where they are commonly purchased, pictures, etc)?

Here is our site (still in it's beginning stages).

Thanks! Rosemary

Hi Rosemary,

Great idea!

Just thinking outloud here, but is it wise to tell people where to find unsafe souvenirs?  Wouldn't this be helping people who want to find ivory, fur, medicinal animal products, etc. more easily find sources? You might want to create a "blacklist" without being overly specific as to the types of procucts they are selling, and give a "seal of approval" for souvenir stores that are not selling illegal wildlife products and use this as a "carrot" to attract consciencious customers to the better stores.