discussion / Community Base  / 19 August 2020

Facilitating Virtual Events: Helpful Resources + Q&A

Hi wildlabbers, 

I'm starting this thread as a space to share resources our team develops that share our lessons learnt + processes for putting on our different virtual event series. We'll continue to update this header post and the google docs with new resources as we publish them (e.g. we'll have a process doc for our tech tutors series and running small focus groups when we've wrapped these in the next few weeks). 

To get started, here are some of the resources we've developed to share our processes. We'll continue updating this header with new resources as we publish them. 

  • WILDLABS Workshop Recording: Running engaging events on Zoom
  • Using virtual events to facilitate community building: event formats (I contributed a chapter about virtual meetups)

    • This guidebook, created by staff and community members at the Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement, is intended for scientific community managers, event organizers and convenors who are looking to design engaging and inclusive virtual events. Super helpful, it's been downloaded nearly 5,000 times. 

  • Google drive with WILDLABS templates etc
    • Early on, to support members of our community who are needing to pivot to virtual events, we have put all our templates and process documents into a google drive. Please use what you need. If these are helpful or you make improvements. please tell us! If you have trouble accesing it, email us at [email protected]
    • We also have a google doc called 'Useful Resources for Hosting Virtual Events'. Anyone should have access to edit this document through this link. Please add your links and other resources as you find them.  

Happy to answer questions if you are planning something and need advice - just drop them below. Also would love to hear about resources you find helpful!