discussion / Human-Wildlife Conflict  / 11 July 2018

Exchange of solutions submitted to the HWC Tech Challenge

Dear Challenge participants,

A lot of the interest we saw in the HWC Tech Challenge was from field conservationists working all over the world who wanted to hear about new tools that could potentially be applied in their work. Although we’re excited to share how the winning solutions develop, we appreciate that this interest went far beyond the two winners who were selected against the specific needs identified by the WWF landscape teams.

We have no doubt that the ideas/project you shared may indeed answer urgent challenges that other in our community are facing. We also see the value in connecting the people working on solutions to these challenges together – something that a number of you identified as a part of the reason you were hoping to get out of your involvement in the HWC Tech Challenge.

To this end, we invite you to join other challenge participants in a discussion here. As a start, it would be fantastic to see you join in the conversation providing the following:

- a short introduction of yourself and a little about your background,

- why you entered the challenge,

- what idea / solution you put forward - how it works and what development stage you're in

Share as much (or as little) about the solutions you submitted. If you ‘re not comfortable sharing any detail, that’s perfectly fine – it is completely up to you. It’s an opportunity to meet others who were similarly enthused by the challenge and a platform to showcase your innovative ideas so that other field conservationists can discover them and get in touch with you if they want to find out more.

Best regards,

the HWC Tech Challenge team of WWF and WILDLABS