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Elephant Collar

Elephant Collars

Technology For Wildlife Africa Collar specs

price per unit USD 2850Position acquisition: GPS for positions with user defined averaging function

Activity recording: 12-bit Tri-axis accelerometer. Communications:

Satellite: Two-way communication via Iridium 

Data Access Internet based downloading via TFWA data manager software.

KMZ link: Automated Google Earth links for visualization. 

Telemetry location: Two independent transmitters, one VHF and one UHF transmitter (this can be made as user defined for specific species)

Geo-Fencing: Fully user definable geo fencing can be done by zoning

Mortality alarms: Automated SMS alarms in case of ACC detected mortality 

Lifespan :this all depend on number of tries to satellite communication in a day, number of batteries in a collars and for elephants we can include solar which increases the lifespan( excel sheet will be provide for this)if accompanied by solar  more positions can be obtained and upload(this may affect monthly data price

Weight: this depend on the species of the animal wild dog/cheetah being lightest with 400g and elephant heaviest with 15kgs

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