discussion / Community Base  / 26 August 2016

Download our handy guide for the tech sessions at WCC

We've scoured the 1000+ sessions in the IUCN World Conservation Congress program to create a Conservation Technology Pathway. With so many tech sessions going on, I needed to create a thorough schedule just for my own benefit. If I found it useful, I'm sure that others might as well - who wouldn't want a handy tech schedule to help navigate the congress? Please download or share at will!

I've highlighted in orange the sessions being run by WILDLABS.NET members, so pay special attention to those. 

I will have a couple of spares with me at the congress, so if you do want a hard copy and don't have a chance to print one yourself, drop me a line. You can contact me either here or through the conference app. In fact, regardless of whether you want a schedule, if you are heading to the conference and want to talk tech or community over coffee, please get in touch!   

Looking forward to seeing you next week,