discussion / Community Base  / 3 February 2021

Documentary Series : scientific and technologic innovations to protect endangered animal species around the world

Dear Wildlabs members
I work for Effervescence, a French independent movie production company. We create fictions and documentaries for many different broadcasters, in an innovative way focused on new writings and concepts. 

We deal a lot with scientific themes. We have produced and are producing for instance “Génération écrans, génération malade?” for Arte, “La science des émotions” for Planète + and “Les Éclaireurs de la guérison” for Canal +. 

We also created the YouTube channel “String Theory”. With its 250K followers, the channel gathers popular video-makers to vulgarize scientific subjects.

I am writing regarding one of our projects : a documentary series about scientific and technologic innovations to protect endangered species all around the world. We aim to show how science and technology could take part in this global ecological issue and to highlight the current and future initiatives pursuing this goal.  

All the Wildlabs programs that are leading to develop scientific solutions for wildlife welfare caught our attention. 
If you are ready to take part to the adventure, I would love to talk to you on this subject.

Thanks in advance, 

Best regards, 

Marion Vincent
+33 7 83 80 84 63
[email protected]
[email protected]