discussion / Acoustics  / 24 November 2023

Deploying Song Meters in Nigeria

Exciting deployment of these acoustic song meters by Wildlife Acoustics, Inc. in another one of the Important Bird Areas in Nigeria - International institute of tropical agriculture.

Nature is a complete sensory experience. There is definitely more than meets the eye!😃

This is my first time working with Acoustics, any tips for this project? The primary target is nocturnal birds.


Hi Joan,

Sounds like a great project! I would recommend having a look at some of the nice review literature and guidelines that are out there, like - 

And some specific to nocturnal birds:

And a study on bird acoustic monitoring in Nigeria:


In terms of processing and analyzing the data, I work for Rainforest Connection which maintains Arbimon - a free, no-code ecoacoustic analysis platform to help automate species detection and classification within soundscapes. If you're interested, you can get started with our support docs!

There are also a number of stats packages for analyzing soundscape data (seewave, monitoR, warbleR in R; and OpenSoundscape, scikit-maad in Python).