discussion / Camera Traps  / 5 August 2022

Dealing with Cows whilst camera trapping


Morning everyone.

I am having a big issue with cows knocking over camera traps and was hoping the wider group might be able to throw up some solutions. 

The project I am working on is based on an island with few trees and thin soils but it has plenty of cattle that roam all year round. 

We have used camera stakes and wooden posts but neither in the above conditions can resist the attentions of cows. 

We have 100+ points in our trapping grid and carrying bulky "things" to weigh down the traps is not an option. Neither is lugging batteries to surround traps with electric fencing. 

I am wondering whether a stake with some sort of footing would reduce the chances of tipping or something like a self-righting mechanism for the post. 

I would love to hear what solutions you have all come up with so please do give me a shout. 


Cheers in advance, Dave.