CV4Ecology 2023 Applications

Hi all! The 2023 CV4Ecology Summer Workshop is open for applications, deadline December 15th 2022.  I'm opening up this thread for potential students to ask questions or find buddies to peer-review application materials :)

Hey Sara,

Thanks again for the session today--it was super helpful! 

I have access to a pretty large network of camera trappers, and I'm currently surveying them to see who might be willing to share data with me. That being said, I can likely get data-sharing agreements with each of these agencies sorted out before the application deadline, but may not have the data in-hand by this time due to a lack of resources for transferring such large amounts of data. 

I've used Azure Storage Explorer before to rapidly transfer large datasets like this, so I think it might be easier to compile all data in one location once we have access to the VMs. Would it be acceptable to apply with the signed data-sharing agreements in mind, and with the intent of organizing all of the data once we acquire access to the computing resources? 

Quick reminder that the deadline for applications is just shy of a week away. 

This workshop is particularly geared to teach ecologists computer vision tools to apply to their research.

Tired of trying to manually count how many animals are in your images? Tired of listening to audio files to classify/detect species? Looking to clean and manage your data so that you can more easily access and analyze it? We're happy and eager to help you apply computer vision tools to try to help with these (and more!) tasks!

More info:

Feel free to comment here or message me directly if you have any questions!