discussion / Climate Change  / 28 June 2022

Current and future steps toward sustainability in conservation tech?

We’re exploring big questions in conservation tech sustainability as we build our next editorial series focusing on that very subject. As a global community focusing on creating positive impact in conservation, we see a huge opportunity to work together on lessening any negative impacts on the environment! 

What steps do you already take to make your conservation tech work more sustainable? (Ex: Recycling batteries, trading, repairing, or donating older equipment, consciously planning travel to the field to reduce your carbon footprint, etc.) 

Do you have practical steps in mind that we could take together to make our field more sustainable? And just as importantly, what “blue-sky” big ideas should our community reach for in terms of sustainability?

We'd love to hear more from our growing climate change community as this discussion grows, so please chime in with your thoughts!