discussion / AI for Conservation  / 20 October 2022


The conservation AI platform allows you to upload your media for automatic species detection using our trained AI models. The platform uses cutting edge computer vision techniques to analyse datasets at scale. Using the platform, users can upload single files or batch upload files to create an online library of classified data all in one place. 


The conservation AI platform also supports real-time uploads from devices such as camera traps to enable the real-time detection and classification of animal species.

ConservationAI Pipeline

Our models are trained to classify different species based on their geographical location. We use cutting edge Deep Learning frameworks to train and inference our models. For an up-to-date list of supported species refer to: https://www.conservationai.co.uk/our-ai/

This is growing list of species that has been developed with our worldwide partners. All models are trained in situ and refined through an iterative process (we call this Situated Deep Learning).

ConservationAI Detections


Out of curiosity, what are the similarities/differences between your platform and other image classification ones such as Wildlife Insights, WildID, ZambaCloud? I don't mean that in like a "what's best" way, just would be great to better understand the the details so that people can assess what to try for their specific use cases & applications!

It would be great to have a comparative specs sheet of sorts! Peter Gyurov started something like that: https://www.notion.so/Camera-Trap-Pipeline-Solution-Comparison-2eac80825c4941b0b2b5fad3daea1cc3. Would be great to add ConservationAI to this list!