discussion / Community Base  / 10 August 2021

Community Call: 12 August 2021

Hi wildlabbers, 

I LOVE reading every single response to our annual WILDLABS community survey- the replies have so often been personally encouraging and been a much needed reminder of what we're trying to build with our community. Critically, we design all our programmes to respond to this feedback & what you tell us you need.

While we've built programmes and shared back results through our Annual Reports, we've never walked our community through the data about what they're saying, so ahead of our 2021 survey opening we thought we'd take this opportunity to do exactly that. In this session, we’ll share 3 years of WILDLABS community survey data & how we responded. We'll also explain WILDLABS goverance and our approach to sustainability, and new programmes we've got coming up. As always, this will be a dialogue, so if you've got any questions (or ideas!) about WILDLABS and our programmes, bring them along.

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