discussion / Acoustic Monitoring  / 2 February 2023

Commercially available connected audio sensors

Hi - can anyone advise if there is a commercially made passive audio recorder that can be powered by solar/battery and have 3g/4g connectivity - ideally with compression on the device - and will transfer the data on a regular basis - every 10 mins? We are developing a cloud platform to process vast amounts of audio data and experimenting with various ML and other models to identify species - starting with birds then moving onto other taxa. The results are published in a data lake for analysis. A charity is keen to deploy a sensor in a marsh where only very limited human visitors are allowed - and would like to understand whats living in there in almost real time. 


I am not aware of any such connected loggers/recorders but they would be nice. 

The AudioMoths have been revolutionary in providing audologging at a low cost but they take a lot of "data muling" (carrying SD cards in and out of the field sites) and swapping of batteries.



Rainforest Connection's (RFCx) Guardian devices may be of interest. They are solar-powered and have connectivity options for Wifi, GSM and satellite transfer. They've previously been used for detecting e.g., gunshots or chainsaws (using edge computing) and then sending positive detections/alerts to folks on the ground. RFCx also hosts Arbimon, a free, no-code software platform that facilitates analysis of audio data as well. Happy to chat more if you'd like to talk further about it!