discussion / Acoustics  / 8 June 2016

Choosing a Journal for Publication

Hello All,

I have been working on an article about my acoustic monitoring of wild tiger populations project. The biggest obstacle I have ran into is trying to decide which particular journal my research is best suited for.

I was interested in hearing from the community which journals you have all published in for your acoustic monitoring studies.

Any suggestions?



Hi Courtney,

It's not acoustic monitoring, but our wildlife photoID monitoring papers were well received in Journal of Applied Ecology, Ecological Applications and Endangered Species Research. The reviews were rigorous, but the process was insightful (and ultimately successful).

Good luck,


Hi Courtney,

Jason mentioned some very good journals (and there are many more) that cover broad areas of research as indicated by the journal titles. Perhaps your paper might fit into any of them.

However, people can give you more focussed recommendations if you tell us what research questions you addressed. At this point we only know what kind of technology you used.

Is technology itself the main topic of your paper? Or are you reporting what you learned about tiger biology/ecology through using accoustic technology?



Hello Courtney

My turn to apologies for delay. Your study sounds very interesting and potentially a valuable technique for future in-situ research. Seems it could indeed fit journals with a broad scope concerning wildlife ecology and conservation (including those mentioned earlier in this thread) and not narrowly limited to accoustics. I hope you are progressing towards publishing your work and I look forwarrd to reading it!