discussion / Biologging  / 7 December 2023

Cat Island, Bahamas biologger recovery

Hi everyone,

A random request to see if any WILDLAB members may live in, or near the Bahamas on the off chance that you could help to recover one of our plastic bottle tracking devices that beached on Cat Island this morning? Happy to cover the costs to get there and back (if you are near enough) so you can post it home.

The device is a tracked 500ml plastic water bottle, released from Portugal in June 2022, having spent 530 days at sea to understand the movement of plastic ocean litter. Getting it back would let us assess the biofouling levels, status of the device, and I'd probably frame it on the office wall to be honest! Quite the journey.

It's location as of 7th Dec 2023 - 24.2903°, -75.3798°

Full track - https://oceantracking.arribada.org/originalmap/un_ocean.html?=refresh

Let me know!

Hi @ThomasGray_Argos, @YvanSG  and @hjayanto,

Thank you all for getting in touch. Luckily the Cat Island Institute via YME Bahamas got in touch and prepared an expedition to recover it. They couldn't access the beach during the first attempt, but a second attempt is planned. I'll hopefully be able to recover it shortly. 

Thanks again,