Capture And Identify Flying Insects

Hello Everyone

I already found a lot of helpful information on this page though I am having a hard time finding a system which is confirmed to be able to identify insects that fly by. 

We are trying to capture insects entering and leaving insect hotels. It would be Ideal to capture the hotel from the side meaning that the insects only have a short time in the frame. 

I wonder what you guys think how much FPS and what kind of resolution a camera would need to capture said scenario. And if you already have one in mind that starts at a reasonable price.

This sounds like an interesting challenge. I think depth of focus and shutter speeds are going to be challenging. You'll need a fast shutter speed to be able to get shape images of insects in flight. Are you interested in species ID or are you more interested in abundance. having a backboard on the other side of the hotel would be a good idea to remove background clutter from your images.