discussion / Acoustic Monitoring  / 10 February 2019

Can anyone recommend speakers for playback of primate calls?

Dear colleagues,

we are designing a study to document presence or absence of spider monkeys in forest fragments in western Ecuador. We aim to record occurrences using the playback method, but we are unsure about the best speaker device we should use. If you have had a similar experience and can offer some advice, we would love to hear from you!

The speaker should be able to play low-frequency calls without distortion. It should be waterproof and dustproof, wireless, and with decent battery life (usually, we have little or no access to electricity) and reasonable output power. Given that we work in very hilly areas, being light/portable is a plus.

Does any of you have used the SME-AFS Portable Field Speaker (Saul Mineroff Electronics), the AN MiniVox Loudspeaker (Anchor) or the MS-2 Mini Amp (Marshall)? If not, can you recommend us other brands and models?

We would be very grateful for any suggestion.

Best regards,