discussion / Camera Traps  / 25 October 2022

Cameratrap flash overexposure


Having used the Bushnell E2 trophy cam and had no problems I recently purchased an E3 trophy cam. I am having issues with over exposure of the flash. I have tried it in a few different locations and where the field of view is open with no obstructions it performs fine but if there is a slope of ground or denser vegetation in the field of view it is over exposing.  I have never had this problem before. I expect the flash has been designed to cover the max area in a field situation but I am looking at using them in a forest situation and this is a real issue. Does anyone know of a way to tone down the flash at all.

I have not used Bushnell camera traps for quite a while, so this may not apply, but most makes have a flash intensity adjustment. If you have already tried that without success then opaque or translucent tape over the LEDs will do the same job.