Cameras - pros and cons

So, what makes a good camera for an autonomous camera trap for insects?

camera in a moth trap

We use a web camera in our system, which seems to work well a lot of the time, it produces a high resolution image and is fairly cheap to buy but we sometimes have issues with white balance and focus.

It seems as though the systems being developed use a range of different cameras, so I wonder if we collated out knowledge we could help to identify the best cameras on the market for our needs

I would say the key criteria are:

  • High resolution (without going overboard)
  • Cheap
  • Low power
  • Good interface for a Raspberry Pi or similar
  • Good white balance
  • Reliable auto focus

And what about processing on the edge? I was recently introduced to these cameras which look super compact, and they can do image processing (e.g. detection), on the camera itself!