discussion / Ethics of Conservation Tech  / 30 November 2015

Building tech solutions from the ground up

It's great to see this Group given the tendency to focus on 'new' and 'innovative' technologies, and the challenges and ethics that this focus brings (particularly when it comes to genuine community engagement in conservation efforts, which many of these technologies fail to bring).

Two resources which might be of interest given this topic.

The first is a paper which was published in the recent Ambio Journal - "Digital technology and human development: A charter for nature conservation". Attached to this post. 

The second is a talk I gave at WWF Fuller in 2013 which calls for the development of tech-based conservation tools which communities can help design, develop and deploy themselves. You can watch that talk at http://www.kiwanja.net/wwf-kathryn-fuller-symposium/ 

kiwanja-digital-technology-and-human-development-nature.pdf kiwanja-digital-technology-and-human-development-nature.pdf