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Bright Frog Game Studios logging on!


My name is Gabriela Fleury, a conservation biologist and graduate of the University of Cape Town's ConBio programme. I work with Jaymie Krambeck, a software engineer, to create environmental education video games under our newly founded Bright Frog Game Studios.

Our mission is to create environmental education games to address the most pressing issues that weigh upon our world, from human and wildlife conflict and beyond. 

We're excited to become a part of the WILDLABS community!

Loving the enthuasim Gabriela (and Jaymie), welcome to the WILDLABS community! We're delighted to have you on board.

You're already right amongst it, so I'm pretty much just going to keep our of your way so you can keep doing your thing. Just know that I'm here (via direct message through my profile or at [email protected]) if you need me. 

As with all new members, I do recommend checking out our regular digest as a great way to get oriented about the latest conversations that are happening in the community, the most recent issue is available here.

You've done a stellar job introducing yourself to the community here, if you're keen to connect with other members a good starting point is our welcome thread or our member directory

Other than that, there is nothing more to add from my end. I look forward to seeing your enthusiastic posts in our community!