discussion / Camera Traps  / 1 June 2022

BoomBox camera trap models?


As discussed in this other thread, I've been planning to mod some camera traps, and would like to learn from existing work on the BoomBox.

I've been reading the BoomBox documentation here and here, and see that there's a list of test camera traps here. However, the links provided revealed that most of those camera traps are discontinued, 404, or out of stock. A quick search showed that these camera traps are still in stock on Trail Cam Pro: 

My question is: How difficult would it be to open the case, find, and tap into the sensor circuitry as described in the BoomBox documentation if I buy camera traps that are not listed in it?

I know the documentation says it shouldn't be too difficult, but what should I watch out for when selecting which camera to buy? Would it help if I buy from the same brands used with the BoomBox?

My goal is to find and buy camera traps that are as close as possible as the ones used with the BoomBox, so that I can follow the instructions to connect to their PIR motion sensors without needing to figure out too much new stuff...

Can @Freaklabs or others speak to this issue? Thanks!!!