discussion / Community Base  / 14 April 2022

Black Mammalogists Week - Get Involved!

Hi Wildlabbers,

Our Black Mammalogists Week friends are gearing up for a week of great conservation discussion, networking, and collaborating! On May 3rd, they'll be hosting a virtual Hackathon highlighting three conservation tech areas of interest. and we'll be teaming up with them to get the word out to the #tech4wildlife community and find future opportunities for participants to connect to experts, collaborate, and learn conservation tech skills. 

All expertise is welcome in the Hackathon, including conservationists, mammalogists, environmental scientists, engineers, data scientists, and wildlife behaviorists. if you'd like to participate, you can sign up here to be connected to the Black Mammalogists Week team and start interacting with potential Hackathon teammates!

And if you have tech expertise and you'd like to volunteer to support the Hackathon teams, you can email organizer Gabi Fleury at [email protected].

Please share this event and Black Mammalogists Week info widely with your #Tech4Wildlife networks, and follow @BlkMammalogists on Twitter for more updates on events and opportunities to get involved!

Hi all! My name is Gabi Fleury and I'm part of the Black Mammalogists Week organizing committee and will be collaborating with WILDLABS on setting up this May 3rd Hackathon.

Really excited to have people involved in this event and am available to ask any questions here on the forum, or through a DM on Twitter at @fleurygs or through my email [email protected]. The Google Form is a great place to start to get you signed up and interacting on our Slack platform and forming teams, so please do fill it out if interested!

As was mentioned, we also would love to start gathering subject area experts, so if you're an expert in tech and you'd like to volunteer your expertise to advise this event's participants, please do drop me a line!