discussion / Acoustic Monitoring  / 26 August 2020

Bioacoustic Stack Exchange

I put this out on twitter (@etgriffonage), and it was suggested that this forum would be a great feedback resource!

There was a failed push 2 yrs ago to create a Bioacoustics StackExchange; not enough user participation in the proposal stage. As the field grows and diversifies, I feel this was a real missed opportunity. I wonder how it would do if we broadened our reach & tried again.

If this is something that folks would be interested in, please reach out. We need more StackExchange uses that have 200 points or more to be active during the proposal phase. :)

I'm not a bioacoustics person but StackExchange has taught me more than half of what I know about GIS as a professional. I still regularly use and recommend it to people wanting to improve their skills at any level. Perhaps there needs to be more awareness raising amongst the bioacoustics community (as you are doing here!) about just how useful it can be, to build up the critical mass. Sadly I don't have 200 points to throw behind this, but I'll look out for anyone who does and might be tempted. Good luck!

Hi just bringing this thread back up to attention: the bioacoustics stackexchange is now up and running in beta form, and could use as much participation as possible to ensure its establishment as a community. bioacoustics.stackexchange.com

If anyone is interested in getting in and can't get an invite, please feel free to DM me and I'll pass one along.