discussion / Community Base  / 4 December 2015

Bengal tiger cub dies of cold at Crimea zoo hit by power cuts.

And bad news... 

A rare white Bengal tiger cub has died at a zoo in Crimea due to the cold caused by a two-week power blackout. Crimea has been dealing with the power cut, despite Wednesday’s first delivery of power from Russia, since unknown attackers blew up electricity pylons near the de-facto Ukrainian-Crimean border nearly two weeks ago.

Employees have been struggling to keep the animals warm, adding that some are still in danger while the zoo awaits a replacement generator to arrive on Saturday from Moscow.

“We’ve failed to maintain the temperature regime,” Zubkov told the RIA Novosti news agency. “These were white Bengal tiger cubs, they are very particular about the warmth.” 

Bengal tigers are a rare species, with just 135 believed to live in Russia.