discussion / Biologging  / 15 November 2023

Automatic and open-source radio-tracking

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hope you're doing well! I have a question regarding this article, attached above: Do you know anything about that or do you have informations if this was implented somewhere else? Is this already in common use?



Methods Ecol Evol - 2019 - Gottwald - Introduction of an automatic and open‐source radio‐tracking system for small animals.pdf

Hi @tutgut5 I hadn't seen this before, but it reminds me a little of the MOTUS system: 


And the related gear from CTT: 

Looks like one of the authors has a contact on the paper header (Ralf Zeidler Email: [email protected]) so you could reach out for more details. I'd be interested to hear a bit more about the system myself, so please do post here if you get any more information.


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