discussion / Acoustics  / 5 February 2018

Audiomoth Group Purchase (Round 3)

Hi everyone,

We are really pleased to see that there is more demand for yet another Audiomoth group purchase! We wanted to let you all know that a third purchase is planned and we will update on here as soon as we have a date confirmed. We will be operating the same model using GroupGets and CircuitHub, with freight forwarding options to reduce import taxes for those placing small orders in the UK and EU.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and we'll post here as soon as we have a date.

Kind regards,


Hi Alasdair,

I'm very interested in using the AudioMoth technology for my upcoming research project, but would love to have an opportunity to test the product before purchasing a large amount (to ensure it actually works effectively within my research design). Is there any way to purchase one or two units for testing prior to the next group purchase?

Thank you!