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Article and Discussion: Scale of camera trap studies

Dear All,

I recently came across this story: http://www.treehugger.com/gadgets/wisconsin-deploys-huge-trail-camera-system-studying-wildlife.html, which discusses a camera trapping project in Wisconsin, USA that is planning to deploy 4,000-5,000 camera traps across 45,000 square miles. Anyone ever heard of other camera trapping projects at even close to this scale?

Wow. I'm actually fascinated about how they plan to do the species IDs and data analysis. That sounds a LOT harder than the camera traps. :-)

But in answer to your question, @P.Glover.Kapfer , I haven't heard of any near this large. TEAM Network would be the closest - 17 sites, 14 countries and approximately 1000 camera traps deployed over 2000km 2 that are monitored annually. @efegraus - does TEAM Network have ambitions to be expand to this sort of scale?

@ollie.wearn perhaps you might know of some other big scale camera trapping projects? 



Bringing over some of the comments we're getting on Twitter: 


@WILDLABSNET Our @UAlberta lab deploys ARUs at 1000s of sites in Alberta each year in collaboration with @ABbiodiversity #bioacoustics

— Elly Knight (@ellycknight) November 7, 2016


@WILDLABSNET yeah, @TEAMNetworkOrg does that...pretty sure thousands of cameras across 15 or sites

— Asia Murphy (@am_anatiala) November 4, 2016