discussion / Biologging  / 14 August 2020

Argos satellite tag open-source grant

Hello everyone, 

I hope everyone is doing well in light of the global and local issues we all deal with on a regular basis. (Not fun!)

I am working on announcing a “grant” program later this month in our monthly newsletter (sign up link) related to developing open-source technologies with the Argos satellite system. We have completed the agreement (for those whose proposals are accepted) which I am happy to provide you should you be interested. In short, the results of your development will be open-sourced (non negotiable for the grant giveaway, but you can certainly buy the kits instead). 

We will be requiring a two-page proposal for the open-source Argos transmitter that will be developed. Within that proposal you will need to:

• explain how you will address the technical challenges
• provide an estimated timeline of completion
• include CAD drawings (or similar) fully illustrating the completed transmitter and device 
• provide details regarding the funding development source(s) used for your internal expenses beyond what we will cover* 

*The agreement provides more detail, but we will give away the Arribada kit (https://arribada.org/product/arribada-horizon-artic-r2-developers-kit/), 1yr of service fees for that kit, and 5 additional chips once the new transmitter is certified. We don’t cover the power supply for the kit or the antenna (less than $10 from DigiKey, etc). 

You do not need to wait for the email newsletter to work on or submit a proposal. You can reach out to me direclty if you are interested (tgray at woodsholegroup.com).  I would be delighted to receive proposals sooner :)

I'm happy to answer any questions that you might have...and by all means, feel free to share this (pre)announcement.