discussion / Community Base  / 12 July 2019

Are you headed to ICCB 2019?

Hi everyone, 

We'll be at ICCB next week and organising a heap of tech related activities. If you're around and want to meet other wildlabbers, please drop me a message below or email me at [email protected] so I can loop you in. In addition to the workshop, symposium and tech think tank we're organising in the official program, we usually organise tech meetups throughout the week. They are a great place to meet other people using tech and we're super friendly, so if you want to come along it would be great to meet you! 

If you're giving a talk - also please let us know below. It's always such a packed schedule, so it would be great to know when wildlabbers are presenting and sharing their work so we can come along. 

See you all next week!