discussion / Marine Conservation  / 12 July 2018

Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS; MARPOL)

Recently the National Whistleblower Center has worked on analyzing the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships ("APPS"), which implements the MARPOL Protocol into U.S. law. It is of particular interest to our organization because it includes a whistleblower reward provision, and the U.S. has become the biggest enforcer of MARPOL worldwide as a result. We looked at the last 100 prosecutions under APPS, both for what the data means as to the effect of whistleblowers in the law enforcement process and as to the bipartisan nature of the support for and continuing enforcement of APPS in the U.S. I've attached the report here.
Feel free to also take a look at our short blog about the report, found here: https://www.whistleblowersblog.org/2018/07/articles/environmental-whistleblowers/whistleblowers-are-crucial-to-combating-ocean-pollution/

Best, -Maya