Tech Tutors 2: What do you want to see?

After a successful first season, we are excited to be bringing you Tech Tutors: Season 2, the tutorial series that provides quick, practical, and interactive answers to the “how do I do that” questions of conservation tech.

Through short 30 minute tutorials followed by live Q&As, this series is a great chance to connect with experts and get advice on tricky tech topics, gather new DIY ideas, learn the best troubleshooting techniques, and find out what tools your friends in the WILDLABS community recommend for your latest projects.

We want to hear from the WILDLABS community: What tech questions do you want to see answered in Tech Tutors 2? Whether a S1 episode raised more questions (for example, “How do I use Portable Genomics in the Field” got you thinking about getting started with wildlife forensics), or there’s a new topic you want to learn about, we want to know!

Comment in the thread below, message me over WILDLABS or email [email protected].

We’re also looking for presenters. Submit this form and let us know what questions you could answer for our community.

We’re looking for presentations that provide the bite-sized, easy-to-understand building blocks the audience needs to try new conservation technology, enhance their research, or DIY a project for the first time.

You can view season one here, which covered topics including training your first machine learning model, repairing camera traps and scaling up acoustic surveys with Audiomoth.

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