Camera trap repairs

Hi all,

thank you for the fascinating camera trap workshop, I found it super helpful in my battle against camera trap repairs. I am currently at a research station in the rainforest and unable to leave due to COVID measures (Lucky me) but I am sitting on a few cameras which I want to deploy in the field and start collecting data. However, they have varying issues of which I can't find the answers. If there is a more appropriate place to start a thread please let me know. 

And I hope it is okay that I can list some faults and if anyone has any ideas on how I can go about fixing them, I do have alcohol and swabs for rust, and a digital multimeter for testing. And all my cams are bushnell HD.

  • Camera 1 just flashes purple as soon as I put the batteries in (in off mode, setup mode and on mode).
  • Camera 2, screen won't turn on but flashes for 10 seconds when in on mode (assume it is working just not the screen).
  • Camera 3, doesn't turn on, no led lights in any option, or screen loading up.
  • Camera 4, with four batteries no led light or screen turning on, with eight batteries led light flashes red on ON but screen still doesn't work.

All my cameras that aren't working fit into these categories, the DMM I am not familiar with but I do have someone here who is. The cams aren't by any way new and have been in the forest for a while, on and off over the last few years. 

But if there's any guidance on fixes / things to check I'd be very appreciated (And so would the tapirs first chance at being on camera).  

Many thanks,


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