Tech Tutors: How do I train my first machine learning model?

Hi wildlabbers, 

We're just a few hours away from our first Tech Tutors session with Daniel Situnayake, who will be tackling the question: How do I train my first machine learning model? 

If you've registered for this sold out session, you should have instructions from eventbrite about how to join (when you've logged into eventbrite, it'll be through this page). 

After the session, I'll update this thread with the video recording so it's easily accessible (it'll also go up on youtube + main session page). If you have questions that don't get answered in the sessions or want to continue discussions that pop up in the chat, please use this thread to continue the conversation. 

We're going to see how things go today, but if there are questions Dan doesn't get to, we may record a follow up one-to-one with him where he runs through some answers in more detail. 

See you all soon!