California Condor Conservation - Tech & Resources

Edit: The first part of our condor feature is now live! Read it on our blog here.

Hi Wildlabbers,

Today we'll be sharing our first of two features on the community of conservationists in the California Condor Recovery Program. This incredibly dedicated network of organizations works to track, monitor, and research the growing population of wild condors, protect them from lead poisoning and other significant threats to condors, and breed and train captive chicks for release into wild populations. 

In our two features, we'll be discussing topics like how GPS and VHF tracking could be improved to help these organizations better understand the threats against condors and respond to those threats in real-time, how livestreaming cameras can help raise public awareness of this species, and what technologies could help captive breeding and release programs gather even more data.

We'd like to invite the WILDLABS community to use this thread to brainstorm and collaborate on solutions and innovations for condor conservation organizations, share resources, and connect with those working with California Condors!

We'll also be sharing resources from all the organizations mentioned in both articles, so check back for more information on all the technologies discussed, and more details on how you can get involved with the California Condor Recovery Program!