Recommendations for low cost & versatile teaching/training supplies

Greetings Everyone,

The Fung Fellowship at UC Berkeley has a little money left over from this academic year that must be spent ASAP, and we'd like to use it to assemble some supplies for our soon-to-be-launched Conservation + Technology undergraduate program. Thus, we'd appreciate your suggestions on what you think would be valuable and VERSATILE tools for teaching, training, and experimenting for undergraduate students new to this space (conservation & tech), especially if they are low cost items (<$200 US), and readily available for purchase in the USA.

NOTE: We're already considering items such as the following, but definitely welcome other ideas and/or links to recommended suppliers, versions, etc.:

  • Infrared iphone adaptor - e.g., something like this.
  • Low frequency or other audio detector kit - perhaps like this.
  • Camera trap - no idea what might be good to start with!
  • GPS transmitter - I've had good experiences with SPOT, but there are so many now.
  • Endoscope cam - this one is a bit expensive, so what's a good, general low cost one?
  • RaspberryPi/Adruino/Etc. kits - such as this.

To put this another way, what would be your "top 10" or so supply/tool purchases if you were going to start teaching/training undergraduate students about the uses of technology for conservation purposes.

Thanks in advance and very much looking forward to your recommendations! ; )