Help collate list of Ecology/Conservation Data Sets for grad students

A call put out over on Twitter by Jesse Alston might be of interest here - both for conservationists and grad students. 

Looks like a lot of fieldwork will be canceled this summer, so I made an (empty thus far) google sheet so that people can advertise data sets that grad students can use to finish theses

— Jesse Alston (@IntegratEcology) March 26, 2020

This was inspired by @RyanKBrook

— Jesse Alston (@IntegratEcology) March 26, 2020

For any grad students/postdocs/others. If you are working on large mammals and are in need of existing data to work on with fieldwork on hold, I have GPS collar datasets on caribou, moose, elk, as well as trail cam data and a ton of outstanding questions. #CollaborationTime

— Ryan K. Brook (@RyanKBrook) March 23, 2020

Feel free to add both private data sets you personally control or open data sets that you've found useful in your research. And please share so that we can add a bunch of data sets and make this a useful resource for folks who need it

— Jesse Alston (@IntegratEcology) March 26, 2020

Link to google spreadsheet below.