Webinar 11PST 3/20 - Deep Learning for Airborne Tree Detection

Hi all, I am part of a regular meetup group on Deep Learning for Environmental Remote Sensing that I think would be of interest to a wide audience. All are welcome. I happen to be presenting this week, but past talks may be of interest as well.

Here is the advert from the organizers:

Hi everyone,I hope you are all staying healthy and having productive isolations. We’ll have our next discussion of machine learning for remote sensing applications this Friday at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 8pm CET. This week Ben Weinstein will be discussing his work on tree crown detection using weakly supervised deep learning methods. We can look forward to a fun discussion around multi-sensor data, geographic generalization, and semi-supervision. Here is his latest paper on this topic, as well as a python package (https://deepforest.readthedocs.io/) and benchmark dataset. As always, you can see the schedule of future talks here, and let us know if you would like to present (your ongoing work, a recent paper, etc) at a future meeting! Feel free to share the link to join the group with others. 

Webex link: https://umd.webex.com/meet/hkerner

Hannah and Patrick