Reading tips on De-extinction/Regenesis

I am writing a series of articles for Utrecht University (NL) about how synthetic biology, cloning, genetic modification and habitat manipulation (overarching term: De-extinction) in the fight against the Sixth Mass Extinction. I will write five articles on the subtopics:

  • Collecting genetic data from extinct and endangered species
  • Genetic modification to create extinct species' DNA
  • Cloning technology
  • How do you raise a mammoth? Behavioral biology of extinct species.
  • Habitat manipulation / balancing ecosystems.

I was wondering:

  1. What books/articles/interviews should I be reading?
  2. Who are the big players (the scientists, the start-ups, the philantropist)?
  3. What shouldn't I forget?

My name is Niels, I am a Mastersstudent in the field of Cancer Biology and Genetics but am aiming at making a contribution to science communication and engagement. I am 23 years old and live in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

All of your help is very very much appreciated!