Able to Provide Movement Detection Software For Live Feed Video


I am an environmental engineer/consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. I have been talking with a company who specialises in Defence level technology for surveillance and I have been able to convince this company to provide movement detection software, to organisations that can use it for animal protection, for free.

I am just at the start of the journey in trying to identify animal protection groups that might currently be using drones with live video feed for surveillance. I wondered if anyone here might know of any organisations or individuals who might be able to use this technology?

The Software that I am able to offer  has the following advantages:

- the software is Defence quality (see:

- it is an automated target detection software (moving target indication (MTI) system) that operates on existing ground control stations (GCS) (or MCS if onboard a plane or helicopter)

- it allows the drone to fly higher (with the same drone and sensors) and cover more area, whilst still detecting very small/slow moving objects (of only a few pixels in size, the software detects down to 2x2 pixels)

- the software removes the issues with operators trying to scan large areas of screen, being distracted by one part of the screen, missing things in their peripheral vision and issues of operator fatigue

- the software can be setup to provide geolocation data (only if this is already possible within the hardware of the existing system)

- there are significant advantages when used with night footage (IR) as moving objects are hard to see in lower quality IR sensors and the movement is picked up well by the software

Any assistance that could provide would be fantastic as, from what I have seen of this software, I believe it could significantly improve the effectiveness of surveillance for animal protection.

Thanks a lot for your time and I hope to hear from you soon,

Jessi Hargrave

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