African leopard research - best camera trap?

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to purchase new camera traps to undertake a leopard survey acorss private farmland in Namibia. I have not purchased cameras for a long time and there are a lot of new models out there. Due to concerns over theft I normally go for a black flash camera but I am now considering white flash to help with the photo quality and spot ID. I am familiar with the established brands but looking on Amazon there are a lot of brands I don't recognise but the price is very appealing as I'm looking to purchase a substanital amount. 

As such my questions are:

have people bought from non-establsihed brands?

How successful / reliable were the cameras?

How was the photo quality espcailly when looking to ID spot patterns?

From any brand for leopard research what camera would people recommend?

I really look forward to your feedback.