Virtual Meetup Discussion: Creative Approaches to Data-Driven Storytelling

Hi all, 

We're about to start the final virtual meetup of Season 2! This one will be exploring Creative Approaches to Data-Driven Storytelling. We'll hear from our three speakers, Jason Pearson, Camellia Williams, and @mygshah  , who will set the scene. We'll then open up the floor for discussion to dig into the topic at hand. Remember, you can still join us by registering here!

Ahead of meetup, we wanted to get this thread up to share the main questions we're seeing come in through the registration form. These themes will shape the open discussion in the second half of the session, so it should give you a bit of an idea of what you're going to see come up this meetup. 

The big questions we're seeing include:


  • 1. Dealing with limitations of data 2. Do stories describe the average individual or a specific individual (UK)

Using storytelling + data more effectively

  • How can storytelling get new folks involved (USA)
  • What can data analysts and data scientists change to look at stories in data rather than trying to find patterns or answers? (UK)
  •  (UK): We have a lot of data and I want to tell more meaningful stories with it
  • (UK): We're a small NGO looking at big data and want to know the best way to handle this


  • How can we adapt storytelling to all the social media platforms out there? (USA)
  • How to minimize production timelines when developing visualizations (USA)
  • What tools will turn my science into stories that stand out from the crowd, but don't need me to get another degree to use?! (UK)


  • How to make data-driven storytelling effective for behaviour change (Hong Kong)

Looking forward to this meetup and the discussion that follows!