Speed camera: Help needed to get traffic data

I need to post challenge for a problem that seemingly should be easy but is turning out to be an Internet trawling nightmare.

For the purpose of data collection I need to identify a  system that will facilitate monitoring traffic on a  highway that runs through a wildlife conservation area, and roadkill not surprisingly is high. It might seem a simple request as we all know speed cameras are seemingly everywhere but clearly not readily available. The data I need to recall from this camera is simple. The date, the time, and photo of every vehicle.  This will facilitate us to be well advised on any road mitigation campaign. 

The camera will be mounted on a billboard, and would need to be solar powered , and able to store the data until downloaded ideally by Bluetooth. So far the closest I can find is Speedcam AI software http://www.raserabwehr.de/ but not seemingly a camera to go with it. I contacted them and they just said any camera which isn't very helpful :<(

I'm hoping there is a tech person in the group who will understand all the camera jargon and point us in the right direction.

This is of course a problem that all of us are having and if an affordable solution can be found it will benefit wildlife everywhere.


Dr Greg Rasmussen

Painted Dog Research trust.