Advice and construction of camera traps.

Howdy geniuses.

I'm writing from Australia with an interesting one for you.

6 months ago a group of us started a project that got initial seed funding from it's called Desert Ears. A simple one pagers here -

Our idea was a simple one, to develop methods of democratising ecological monitoring for indigenous ranger groups and to increase what we know about the Australia natural landscape.  

The first part was easy, find a way to automatically categorise images with AI…ha!  But …we found three different options. Now we’re starting to look at data collection to use with this software.

The easiest and simplest thing to do would be to purchase cameras and just make them work for our project. But I don’t like the simplicity of that, plus it’s not actually solving our problem: Australia is inaccessible, huge and has no infrastructure to send and receive data remotely- well not affordably anyway. For instance, our trial site is three days drive. No roads, no nothing. Just glorious sandhills and spinifex plains. In terms of connectivity we’ve started conversations with the Australian owned satellite internet service NBN sky muster to which we are expecting them to support the project. Now we just need a camera that:

-Is cheap

-Runs on solar

-Can process images locally and;

-Then ‘pushes’ images with animals in them to the cloud.

Anyone out there interested?

Toby Barton


E - toby.w.barton(AT)gmail | Desert Eyes | Fire