Financial Sustainability of Open Hardware Projects

Hi everyone. 

I think there were a lot of questions regarding financial sustainability of open source hardware projects. There's a great discussion of it in this thread and I cover more specific info about margins and manufacturing there, but I thought I might break the sustainability topic out into a separate thread to focus on the open source hardware vs open source software. There are similarities but there are some big differences between the two, mainly relating to managing physical technology vs purely digital technology. A lot of financial sustainabiliity of open source hardware, especially based on how it's evolved and who's survived, would need to examine how to balance the manufacturing side of things, scaling, and some hard business aspects like inventory management, shipping and logistics. 

I'll try to answer questions that came up for the virtual meetup, based on my experiences, but there are no hard facts or rules regarding financial sustainability and definitely no single answer for it. Everyone has their own style so it'd be great to hear everyone else's experiences, as well as questions. 


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