Camera Trapping Software

Hi everyone,

We're dealing with huge amounts of Camera Trapping data in different contexts. Probably as most people, we've been using spreadsheets to annotate the image data in order to perform subsequent analysis.

With a multitude of dedicated camera trap image management software emerging (Young et al. 2018), we are now looking to implement such a software in our workflow. We've tried out Camelot for a while which is great, but it lacks a very necessary feature: User Management (Rights, Permissions and Privileges). 

Since switching costs are high, I thought to ask the community what software is used in their environment with an open poll. You can see the results once you submit an answer:

Would be great to get some responses!



PS: @StephODonnell  : Would be glad for a tweet on this!

Young, S, Rode‐Margono, J, Amin, R. Software to facilitate and streamline camera trap data management: A review. Ecol Evol. 2018; 8: 9947– 9957.

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