AudioMoth 2.0 Development

Hi. I'm moving a topic to this thread from the camera trap thread since it's more relevant here. 

Discussion with Alasdair for context:

"Lastly - Hackerfarm. Lovely write up of the AudioMoth recently. I am Alasdair from Arribada (we manufactuer the AudioMoth using GroupGets for Open Acoustic Devices). Thanks for your detailed breakdown, I'll loop you in to AudioMoth 2.0 dev with Andy (if he wasn't already been in touch :)"

We're really interested in the AudioMoth since we can also use it out here for our animal population surveys as well as to capture the soundscape and how it would change over time. We're quite software heavy for a farm community and have both embedded devs as well as people that work in data science and machine learning. Would love to discuss more on work with AudioMoth.