Responsible AI for Conservation?

AI is booming in conservation, with almost daily news articles on how it will solve problem X with algorithm Y. Indeed, there's huge potential here. But, as the old adage goes..with great power comes great responsibility!

We (David Jacoby, @robin_freeman  and I) just published a comment piece ("Responsible AI for Conservation"), arguing for serious consideration of the possible unintended consequences of AI use in conservation. It might be a good starting point for a discussion here, as there are lots of folks actively engaged in really exciting projects at the intersection of AI and conservation. 

Have a read here (free to read) if you're interested. Either way, it would be great if we could:

a) share and discuss examples you've come across of possible (or actual) unintended consequences of AI, specifically in conservation (there are lots of examples from other fields, such as this one and this one, that have been well-publicised)

b) discuss ways to guide algorithm development in such a way as to reduce harm for wildlife and people



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