Advice for an in-situ Audio-Visual system for recording at a nest site

I'm looking for a cost-effective solution to a remote in-situ audio-visual system for bird acoustics for use in a PhD Project.

I need an audio-visual setup suitable for recording nest vocalisation and visual data. After some preliminary talks with some staff and PhD students at my current university, we cannot find a solution for time-syncing the audio and visual data (to allow for the direct comparison of visual and audio data in concert). Originally we were considering the use of AudioMoth, but it apparently has a time-lag of approximately 1 minute per month, and we aren't certain whether this can be fixed using software post-data-collection.

The situation of the in-field system will be as such;

- It is to be placed to cover a nest site, potentially 2 audio recorders and 1 video recorder.

- Equipment must be remote and record continuously, not triggered by motion.

- It must be time-synced, or audio and visual data must be able to be time-synced after collection using software.

- It must be waterproof/weatherproof and run for ~ 1 month at a time.

- The system must be cost effective, as it will be applied to multiple sites.

- The audio recorder must be able to record uncompressed audio of a high sampling rate.

- The video data simply has to be of suitable quality to discern behaviours, such as position of body parts (e.g. head position, wind position, etc.) and movement.

At present, I am considering the use of multiple AudioMoth's and don't have any video recorders in mind. I would love to hear suggestions for a solution to this problem.

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